e926 2017 abs anthro beard belly biceps body_hair canine chest_hair claws clenched_teeth clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) duo facial_hair fight fur hair leather legwear male male/male mammal muscular muscular_male nipples oil oil_wrestling oiled overweight pants pecs simple_background skrawl smile standing stoffer teeth topless turkish white_background wolf wrestling

▼ Description

Beastly Oil Wrestling

"There are a lot of appealing things about Turkish Oil Wrestling like the leather kisbets they wear, slippery, oily muscles, and manly men gripping each other.

I’m a big fan of rough housing, and I enjoyed what little wrestling I learned in middle school, and the physicality of high school football. So naturally, I couldn’t help grappling with Boozin.

Here’s hoping I win~~"

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