e926 2018 anthro armlet crystal_ball desk digital_media_(artwork) hair inside male mammal muscular muscular_male musk notkastar nude patterns signature skunk solo spiral_eyes table

▼ Description

"By the all-seeing eye,
Enlighten me to future before me that shall not stay blind!"

Artist notes:

The last of a series of doodles for the ever-ever-ever kind:

And the dood this time would be:

And I gotta say-
Ohh The background work for this is this was insanely tricky!
The body was easy enough and actually pretty fun to doodle but
the background- Oh boy =‿=)

Doodling the perspective was tricky enough but coming up
with what to put in the background is what really tipped me up since
everything I tried ended up becoming a focal point of the doodle!

So after many a scrapped background. I thought it'd best to go with something
modest and less flashy since the peep does a fine enough job at doing that. ╹‿╹)

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