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Spyro: Oh my god what the fuck is that? Don't stare directly into his eyes and back away slowly.

"That's you in 10 years."


This is Spyro. And this is Spyro on drugs


"Kids, it's come to my attention that you think that this... is who I am. I'm here to say otherwise. The real me wouldn't dare make you pay for toys as some form of children's targeted DLC. The real me tries his damnedest to be charming and lovable. The real me was never just a cash grab. Misguided and rushed at times, yes, but never a cash grab. No, the real me is better than that. Now, if you've the patience to wait for my Reignited Trilogy on September 15th, then I can show you who I really am and hopefully, we can leave this... behind us."


skylanders spyro is like the third child that no one liked or cared for and git themselves hooked on meth.