During the inspection.
I see.
You also have five kids at home...
Hum, so you're Kass of the rito people...and you're making rounds in several regions as a minstrel?
I pray that this isn't a very thorough search...
*shift shift*
My sixth sense is practically screaming now...
What have I gotten myself into...
Come along!
Alright, you can come in to the inspection house!
Right now, it's freezing out...
Body check...?
Take off your top and come forward!
It used to be just a simple look before, but now we do body checks to be careful.
Recently a group of thieves attempted trespass by dressing in vai clothing...
I'll check to confirm that you are a vai.
Welcome traveler.
I need to get to a place where I can warm up...
Urgh... It really is getting chilly now that it's evening.
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