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Instructions unclear: gay porn is being printed.




Goodbye... old post, you served your country well..


[gay pornz intensifies]


NEVER! *posts more gay porn*


Well, it's not really a "new" avatar, but it's certainly an updated avatar.


the jpeg only made it better

i feel triggered that it got replaced for any reason


New and improved avatar


Well...I blacklisted it so does that help???

Leave that gay porn on my screen

I approve of this meme.

Take out "gay porn" and put "tails/cream" in there, and it's perfect.


How do we know if u are not gay HMMMM


hue-hue...its doing reverse psychology to get more gauy purn...dun dun DUN



Lupe-Sonata said:



Probably one of my favorite posts on this website. Rest in pieces old post.

27 days ago
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User: Aureolen
Date: November 04, 2017

TheSketchyPangolin said:
No u

Your comment and profile pic fit well

I want this on a shirt

ERROR: 404 Gay not found


One angerey floofer

AceSeville said:
NEVER! *posts more gay porn*

Don't see why this got downvoted, I found his/her comment kind of funny.

Markeye said:
How do we know if u are not gay HMMMM

Don't see why this got downvoted either, found it to be amusing and isn't it true that most people who call other gay or outright deny being gay are actually gay?