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Of all the worlds under the Transtellar Cooperative's governance, non have proven more vexing to scientists than the Purse Worlds of the Eastern Reach. The Pokemon who reside there are unique compared to those on all other worlds ever encountered throughout history. To be specific, the worlds are the only recorded instance of Pokemon forming their own advanced (in relative terms) society independent of outside interference. Though the worlds' culture was irrevocably damaged by the Suppression Conflict, the various tribes that inhabit the worlds continue to maintain a semblance of cultural independence from humanity; something that is utterly unprecedented. Scientists have intensely studied the Purse Worlds' Pokemon since the worlds' colonization, and have still not found an answer for this phenomenon. To this day, no one quite knows why the Purse Worlds' inhabitants, among the millions of Pokemon encountered before and since, are the only ones to have ever built a civilization.

Many suspect that Arceus is at least part of the answer to the riddle, but there is no way to confirm any theories regarding him, as the Legend-class Pokemon...won't be agreeing to any interviews anytime soon.


Pictured are a pair of Pokemon native to Sera, the current capitol of the Purse Worlds' collective systems. The two are members of the Technomancer Cult, a unique culture even among the many Poke-cultures of the Purse Worlds. To elaborate; while many of the tribes and Poke-villages of the Purse Worlds view humanity in something resembling a religious light, the Technomancers are one of the few to openly worship humans. Specifically, they worship humans as builders and engineers, and revere the wonders built by the Cooperative and its predecessors. They have a particular reverence for cybernetics technology, and have taken to the practice of surgically replacing the limbs of their adepts and priests with crude cybernetic limbs made from the living metal of steel-type Pokemon. Usually - though not always - the donors are willing and can simply regrow the donated tissue overtime.

Technomancers live almost exclusively within human cities, usually within old or abandoned structures such as churches or warehouses. Usually, municipal authorities will simply allow them to keep the structures they take up residence in, as the Pokemon prove to be quite competent and keeping the structures maintained and clean. Technomancer Cultists are rarely found in the ownership of a trainer, but some of their adepts will offer themselves into the service of engineers, programmers, and industrial workers, hoping to be shown humanity's technological wonders in greater detail. A few will even allow themselves to be caught by League Trainers, hoping that said trainers will take them offworld to see what other wonders humans have built across the stars, though these instances are rare as most Technomancers prefer to remain on their homeworld.

The Technomancer Cult consists almost solely of psychic, fire, and steel-types, and have an ingrained hatred of fighting and dark types due to the past actions of the Death Cults residing in Sera's southern jungles. An incredibly rare regional variant, the Seran Blaziken evolutionary line, is often found within the Technomancers' ranks, and is often thought to be the result of their constant self-tinkering resulting in a stable evolutionary strain of the Pokemon.

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