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A quick comic I made in stream, started off as a practice for face emotions then turned out to this in the end.

I have no words...
I also drew this without looking at references, hopefully I'm improving my zootopia content <3
Anyways hope you guys enjoy!

I'd appreciate it alot if you guys would decide to support me on patreon to keep pictures like these happening, patreon helps me alot financially and gives me more time to do more, I've made it super cheap, you literally just have to pledge $5 and you get everything! <3

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6 days ago

That's right Nick, you NEVER argue with a woman, she's right even when she's wrong.


getting right to the point i see


you don't deny a women that sweet D. especially if its a bunny!


all of us go sterotype to Bunnys ;) Cute Little Bunnys...ups sorrY SORRY! XD

I think I'd like Judy even more if this was her actual character. Like she's sweet but can fly into an angry rage at the slightest hint of annoyance or disrespect.

Literally not even joking. That is exactly how my girlfriend asks for sex XD

Tout de suite les grands moyens XD

nick needs a doctor - he said no to a blow job


Your dick is going to get sucked either way.

And then Nick pulls out a hamster from his pocket and introduces him as Richard.

Do what the bunny says!