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NutBusters Comic (Pg 1 of 6)

Have you ever been in one of those towns that has this creepy yet supposedly haunted house that sits ever so scawompously on the edge of a hill? Have you ever had the pleasure of using a Ouija board in one of these places and actually communicated with the forces of the deceased? Your not alone! Night's first time definitely changed his thoughts about things that go boo in the night.

It was late... the full moon was bright as it lazily drifted across the crest of the sky... the light it was giving off peeking into a broken window that lead into an attic of a broken, abandoned, supposedly haunted... house. If any night was going to be perfect for summoning whatever lays beyond, it was going to be tonight as two figures entered the empty attic with nothing but the clothes on their backs... and a borrowed Ouija board in their hands... they set down the instrument carefully... and let the darkness around them settle for a moment... allowing their eyes to adjust to the incoming moonlight making its way in through the only window in the attic. NightSwing took the planchette out of his pocket and fumbled it nervously in his hands until the other figure gestured for him to sit. A sweet confident voice came out of Neera's lips as they both placed their hands on the board... ... ... they were ready and the creaking in the walls was almost deafening as the wind pushed against the outside of the house's frame... they sat there for what seemed like hours to the bat but it only was a few minutes... they were ready... ready for what? We will have to see...

NightSwing stared at the un-moving board and was surprised that he witnessed absolutely no movement. He had a hard time admitting this to himself, but he was a bit nervous about doing this and he was trying to hide it the best he could. Especially after reading stories and watching ghost adventures on television, but as far as he could tell... their hands stood still... the house only creaked in response as Neera prodded the open air with simple questions and gaining no response. NightSwing opened his mouth and asked "Not getting much activity, huh?" which earned him a reply of "Well, the nights still young... and besides, its your turn to ask the spirits a question."

NightSwing thought about it a moment and suddenly his brain dug into his punny reserves as he squeaked "Okay, yeah I've got one!" and with a voice that is about as cliche as it gets, he greeted the spirits with his super important question. "Spiiiriiitsss... if you are truly among usss... tell usss... do you want to fuckkkkkk?" which only earned a bat a slap on the shoulder as Neera started giggling out the words "C'mon, stop". It was like she knew he wasn't taking this seriously now, but he could not stop from grinning all the same!

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