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Two years ago, Timothy took an interest with a cyan orb that promises electrical powers and decided to bring it home. However, the city he lives in has had werewolf attacks in a past few years, where he and many others got unknowingly caught in the university that night. Some died and few escaped in the attack, not knowing that the rest would turn into werewolves. Timothy was also infected but the orb empowered him and the others, making themselves so stronger, smarter and sneakier that consequently worsened the number of incidents in the coming months. For the worst part, they gained an ability to turn themselves back to their normal form like they survived unscathed, in order to find more members without suspicion.

Timothy on his part, once a happy, good-hearted guy, also fell into darker whims which may worry Rosemary and his friends, should they have found out. But being a big brother helps him realize his own standards and safety of others as the werewolf situation is going so menacingly global that will corrupt many innocents with malice. At least he acknowledges being a werewolf for life yet he knows his friends don't want that same fate, and he worryingly begins to turn evil little by little. When time comes, this will put him into conflict between his family and his master's goals.

Additional Powers:
1. Electrical Manipulation and Powers: He carries the same powers such as "cyan electric power" and technology manipulation, but moreover includes electrokinesis, object summon, and electroportation. Strangely though, he can convert anyone into a werewolf via electricution
2. Masterful Martial Arts: He still carries the same level of martial arts but his new powers can enhance his performance.
3. Super Strength: His strength varies in his 3 forms, ranging from breaking a sedan to lifting a steamboat.
4. Transformation: As said above, he has 3 forms. Wolf mode takes a form of a wolf while Beast mode takes a more powerful form of a werewolf.
5. Size Manipulation: Unlike other werewolves, he can grow any size from small to giant, only applied in his Beast mode.
6. Limited Transcendence: Werewolves were supposedly weak to silver, the orb renders it useless to Timothy.
7. Enhanced Canine Sense: He bears the senses and behavior of a werewolf.

Additional Weapons:
1. Weapon Constructs: He usually makes 2 cyan cylindrical constructs in combat. He can clone existing objects out of constructs as well.
2. Empowered Existing Weapons: Regardless of any form he is in, he can change/upgrade any weapon he wishes.
3. Holographic Screens: He can create and use them either as a barrier or projectiles.