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Timothy Soro is a 18-year-old college student who studies for Multimedia Technology. He is born a brawn and a genius, shared with his young sister, hailing from the Philippines as a Filipino-American citizen. He is friendly, positive, active, hospitable, willing to help others and adept to technology and martial arts, but hates being literally slapped in his face and harsh criticisms, hence he only accepts constructive answers, or whatever he finds helpful. While he is self-control in most cases, he can either slowly lose his patience or get filled with excitement. His hobbies include drawing, bodybuilding, martial arts, and tinkering electronics. Overall, he enjoys getting along with people as long as no one puts a strain.

Unique Powers:
1. "Cyan Electric Power": Actually, no one, not even Timothy knows its original name. Its power level depends on what and how he uses, it can be done with either harmless sparks or deadly bolts. It can also manipulate anything and form holographic screens, to even shut some annoying ranter up.
2. Electronic/Technology Manipulation: This is also another unknown power focused on technology, but is rather technokinetic. Such components as binary codes, data files, vaccum tubes, and even robotics can be manipulated in many ways. Trolololol...
3. Masterful Martial Arts: It is not a unique power but it is due to the fact that he got many different practices from his parents and his ancestors. It is kind of weird to say that, but he prefers Eskrima, Karate, and Muay Thai.
4. Object Summon: Timothy can make objects appear or disappear whenever he likes. Objects he summons are likely from elsewhere, or probably created on his own. He can also store objects, as he has a hidden magical storage inside him, but no one can tell how big it is.

Signature Weapons:
1. Electric Sticks: He uses the electric, aluminum sticks in serious combats, especially self-defense.
2. Barbell: He uses it for weightlifting exercises but may use it for combat as well. One barbell ball also has a cattle prod inside.
3. Small Railgun: He models it after a generic pistol but with a forward grip. He uses it in gunfights more often than any firearms he uses, unless it runs out of juice.

Symbol: It carries two cyan bastons in X-form over the blue background.

Your average, run of the mill, Mary Sue OC.

Kyubii said:
Your average, run of the mill, Mary Sue OC.

Perhaps someone could make a human Mary Sue to complain if that's what you want?