Maid in Abyss
Character Introduction
Our dependable work leader.
The robo boy maid found by Riko behind the shop. The word is that he's kind of good looking, but he's got no talent as a maid.
The glasses maid with cooking skills passed down from her white whistle maid of legend mother. She is the type to do school work until she's lost time.
Perfectly skilled in every way. The Immovable's No. 1 maid.
The meals they make barely stay ahead of food hygiene standards, but they have a lot of fans as the No. 2 maid.
The fluent in “nna”, flighty nna maid.
From opening to closing, she never once moves from her seat, calling on Maruruk even when it's super busy. Her nickname is “The Immovable”.
“Lord Bo” for short.
Bondrewd and his young companions.
Comes to call by rotation, choosing Nanachi as a large group of customers with the code phrase “I am today!!”
The maid of legend. The number of shops she's crushed is as many as the stars. People call her “Lyza the Annhilator”.
e926 ambiguous_gender anthro armor blonde_hair blush bondrewd brown_fur clothed clothing crossdressing dessert eyewear female food fruit fur girly glasses green_eyes group hair hollow_(species) human humanoid ice_cream japanese_text kemono lagomorph looking_at_viewer machine made_in_abyss maid_uniform male mammal marulk_(made_in_abyss) nanachi onigiri rabbit regu rice_ball riko_(made_in_abyss) robot smile sundae text translated uniform whiskers white_hair yellow_eyes young 宇宙烏賊

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I would watch the hell out of this show and ship Marulk/Reg harder than FedEx.