e926 2018 3_fingers 3_toes bear bearphones blue_background brown_fur controller dualshock_4 featureless_crotch fur game_controller gaming grizzly_bear happy headphones hi_res male mammal nintendo nintendo_switch obese open_mouth orange_eyes overweight pawpads playing_videogame playstation_4 pocketpaws poof reclining simple_background smaller_version_at_source smile solo toes tongue video_games

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Commission from pocketpaws, e621 edition, transparent background version at source.

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I was so surprised that e621 actually got me a commissioner, and a lovely one at that!
This one is for Mairo on e621, of his character Bearphones Poof, having lots of gaming fun! :D

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A happy burr poof is a good burr poof


With so much poof, you could power your own equipment and save on electric bills.

That's an interesting way to draw a poof, neat style.

He's probably playing Smash 5. His poofness ascended him to the future.



2 months ago
3_fingers :3 alpha_channel bear bearphones blitzdrachin daww english_text fluffy hat headphones low_res mammal paws poof solo star text tongue tongue_out yellow_eyes

Rating: Safe
Score: 64
User: blitzdrachin
Date: September 03, 2017

Me on the weekends

Someone didn't watch their weight

Nintendo Poof.
Playstation Poof.

This is Mairo's profile pic at the moment