e926 2018 alpha_channel anthro avian beak bird boxer_briefs breasts brown_fur canine clothed clothing dave_(character) digital_media_(artwork) dragon dragon_ball equine female fur hair hat hi_res horn jack_dragon_(character) justin_(character) male mammal max_(character) monkey notkastar notska_(character) primate psy_(character) rainbow shirt smile tank_top text underwear unicorn vertical_bar_eyes wolf zatch_(character)

▼ Description

Happy Val's day guys!

Decided to go with something a little different than
the usual lusty doodles peeps usually see during Val's Day ╹‿╹)

My first group pic featuring every reoccurring peep
I've created up to this point, and all of them giving
their own unique little flare to there poses showing
a bit of what they're like; Personality wise. ◠‿◠)

it started out as your usual festive idea of having
that whole cast together to wish peeps a happy Val's
but the more I worked on this, the more and more
I wanted to make this into it's own independent doodle
and not stuff in the box of "Holiday stuff" so
I took a chance, went with my gut and sooooo happy
I did! ◠‿╹)

(And yes, I do like Death Parade ╹‿╹)

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