e926 2018 beverage blush clenched_teeth clothed clothing crown digital_media_(artwork) dragon duo embarrassed english_text face_lick female feral glass holding_object horn human humor interspecies keiren_(twokinds) larger_female licking madam_reni_(twokinds) male male/female mammal mistletoe monochrome one_eye_closed plant ponytail shocked simple_background size_difference sketch smaller_male surprise teeth text tom_fischbach tongue tongue_out twokinds webcomic white_background

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A Dragon Kiss

Just in time for Valentine's Day... MORE CHRISTMAS! Beware of dragon slobber.

... At least it's not a French kiss!

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the after match would be absolutely hilarious

Daww, I want to kiss a Daggerz!!


Nathmurr said:
Daww, I want to kiss a Daggerz!!



I thought it was a myth that a dragon's tongue
would stick to a person in winter.


You know, after all the trouble that enchanted pain has caused, you'd think they would put a warning label on it or lock it in a trunk and chuck it into the ocean... could go either way.

Reni already has some Human in her, but she could use some more.


Cute and sweet :)

"It means I like you"