e926 2018 <3 anthro anthrofied arrow arrowed bow_(weapon) breasts changeling clothing cosplay cupid cupid's_arrow duo equine female friendship_is_magic horn mammal miniskirt my_little_pony newyorkx3 princess_cadance_(mlp) queen_chrysalis_(mlp) ranged_weapon skirt surprise unicorn weapon

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Hearts and Hooves Day Mischief

Cadence going around spreading love. So why not help Chrysalis to get some love? So she decided to help her out on this Hearts and Hooves Day but this turns out wrong. She suppose to aim the love arrow at her heart area but ends up... in the rear... Well, now the boys know where it's going down.

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except everyone knows chryssi is with flufflepuff!


Nice image for a 300th post. Keep up the good work!