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Well, she's obviously knowledgeable about the subject.


That Bidoof in the last panel.


Ha! "Fairy types: gay?"


PartyMaster said:
That Bidoof in the last panel.

My thoughts exactly. :D

Annnd she's going to die from embarrassment

That Lucario... I wonder if that thing with her chest spike is more like a tattoo or a piercing...

Also thought this was Lyser's work from the thumbnail.

The fuckin bidoof in the last slide has my dying

PartyMaster said:
That Bidoof in the last panel.

His face be like "Gurrrrrrrrrrl, yo mom HOT!"

i can tell that lucario is going to say something funny and make me laugh! that face at the end!

Look at my favorite pokemon slowbro face!

The lyrics of "Hot for teacher" popped in my head when I saw her. Did that happen to anyone else?

You won't be smiling for too long, Miss Lucario.

You're the first volunteer.

2 months ago
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Date: September 03, 2017

As I always say:
"When in a slump turn to the rump"

PartyMaster said:
That Bidoof in the last panel.

I'm more curious about the persian twins in the back