(Fill in with couples from other children's homes.)
[Child's kitchen form]
Draw couples at home.
Draw the artist's own couple.
(Do you have one?)
Cooperative couple
Childhood friends
A couple that's vastly distant in a way
Mutual love, mutual murder
A couple that frequently scatters knives.
A sweet couple all up and down
e926 2017 <3 ambiguous_gender animal_humanoid annoyed anthro armlet attack black_fur black_hair black_scales black_sclera blonde_hair blue_countershading blue_eyes blue_scales blue_tongue blush boots bowing braided_hair breasts brown_fur brown_hair canine cape cat child chinese_text clawing claws clothed clothing coat countershading crossed_arms crouching cub cyclops demon dog dog_humanoid domestic_cat dragon dress drool_pool drooling duo ear_piercing eyes_closed eyewear feline female fight flat_chested flower_crown footwear front_view fully_clothed fur glasses grey_hair grey_skin hair happy hat holding_character horn hug human humanoid hybrid jacket juanmao1997 leaning licking lying male mammal membranous_wings monocle multi_eye multiple_images on_back piercing pink_fur pink_hair pointy_ears red_eyes robe saliva scales scar scratches sharp_teeth shirt side_view simple_background sleeping smile sparkles speech_bubble staff standing star tank_top teeth text tongue tongue_out top_hat translated tunic veil white_countershading white_fur white_hair wings yellow_eyes yellow_fur young

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