e926 2018 <3 adira_(twokinds) alcohol anthro arm_support bedroom_eyes beer beverage black_hair blue_eyes breasts chest_tuft cleavage clothed clothing corset feline female fluffy fluffy_tail fur glass grey_fur hair half-closed_eyes heresy_(artist) hi_res keidran leaning leaning_on_elbow leopard leopard_spots lingerie looking_at_viewer mammal pink_nose seductive simple_background snow_leopard solo spots spotted_fur stripes table tuft twokinds white_background wine

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A working man of Edinmire walks through the door of Riftwall Tavern late one evening. Not wanting to send one of her favorite patrons walking home through a storm, Adira invites him to spend the night on the house. She pours the man a drink, and much to his surprise, one for herself. As the night goes on, the two get to know each other better-- Keidran style.

A "cover image" for a story written by Raydis. It's a sexy fanfic about Adira from Twokinds that Raydis wrote for an art trade with me. To read the fic check out the following link.


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the origin of Maeve birth? 8D

pitioti said:
the origin of Maeve birth? 8D

Maeve pops up towards the end of the story, so no.


Dang the link wont work andi cant find it