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Yo, an awesome comic commission of two parts of my oc by MB Thomas.

Story about an Anthro Braixen named Minx Lyra raising her adopted son Drake Lyra. Sweet family that despite different in species love and family are universal.

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"anthro delphox" shes a braixen it seems

That’s one hot Mom. Also, adopted much?

Cybera said:
"anthro delphox" shes a braixen it seems

Whoops, thanks.


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2017 <3 alpha_channel anthro bell braixen breaking_the_fourth_wall canine cute fan_character fangs female fortuna_(unknownlifeform) fur heart_nose inner_ear_fluff japanese_text looking_at_viewer mammal nintendo nude orange_fur pokémon pokémon_(species) reaction_image red_eyes simple_background solo text unknownlifeform video_games white_fur yellow_fur

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Date: March 25, 2017

That feeling when you realize your mother never licked you as a child.

I feel so empty.