e926 badumsquish coiling denied dialogue duo equine fan_character female friendship_is_magic hi_res horn horse kiss_mark lipstick long_neck makeup male mammal my_little_pony night pony prehensile_neck rokurokubi sad shining_armor_(mlp) sitting surprise unicorn wide_eyed youkai

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"Better not let the wife catch us being… ’intimate’," said the rokurokubi sadly as she loosened her grip on the stallion. "Just my luck. First guy in a long time to not scream like a little filly and he’s married."

Shining Armor smirked. "If you ever met my sister," he said as he wiped the lipstick from his cheek, "you’d know why you’re about a two out of ten on the Weird-Stuff-I’ve-Seen-O-Meter".

(This is how they flirt :P)

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