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Puffin Phoenix

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People have forgotten the difference between a firebird and a phoenix....sigh...

CrabKingHunter said:
People have forgotten the difference between a firebird and a phoenix....sigh...


Well, a firebird can, of course, be a car, refer to four different birds, several novels, comics, movies, TV shows, songs, bands, ballets, software, sports teams... Mythylogically, it can refer to the phoenix, which I'll get to later, or the Egyptian Bennu, the Persian Huma, or the Slavic Жар-Птица (Firebird)...

The Bennu is a self created diety of sun, creation and rebirth., and is considered to be part of Ra's soul and helped to create the world. He's depicted as a gray heron, but may have been the inspiration for the Greek's Phoenix.

The Huma bird is said to never land, and fly eternally, consumes itself in fire ever fdew hundred years only to rise from the ashes, and was generally considered to be highly auspicious and worth striving towards. Some legends say it has no legs, and some depictions show it with bright blue and green colorations.

The Slavic Жар-Птица is a "magical glowing bird from a faraway land" ... that is majestic, and blows brightly with red, orange, and yello light. ... images typically show it as a small fire-colored peacock. It is a dangerous animal that is often the goal of a long quest or journey.

The Phoenix, on the other hand, is a creature found in many stories... starting from Greek, but spreading over european mythologies, with the name Phoenix going through Greek, Latin, Old and Middle english translations. In 5th BC, it was said to be red and gold, small. Ithers say there is a crest of feathers or a nimbus of light. There is no consensus on it's coloration, as many stories contradict eachother, even some sayng that it's colors were like a peacock. Some say it was haldf the size of an eagle, while others claim it was larger than an ostrich. The idea of the phoenix can be found in a variety of culties, including... "Hindu garuda and gandaberunda, the Slavic firebird, the Persian simurgh, Georgian paskunji, the Arabian anqa' (عنقاء), and from that, the Turkish Zümrüdü Anka, the Tibetan Me byi karmo, the Chinese fenghuang, and the Japanese hō-ō."


What I'm saying is, they're all rooted in the same mythology, and it's a common theme across the world's history.

The EXACT description of the art piece on Deviant art was

A pet for the site Mystfell based off the hilarious cute Puffin. There are only two different color variations of this pet, and one is extremely rare. If you're looking for a lifetime and afterlifetime companion, this immortal beastie is perfect for you!

Available temporarily to buy on our Beta shop from Vander's Fauna!!! You need a puffling, just so you can say that...puffling. awwwwwww"

Mystfell is a petsite this person is working on, so... it's intended to be a made up species. Plus, 'firebird' isn't really a tag here... phoenix is.