e926 ambiguous_gender anthro belt black_hair black_markings black_sclera black_skin black_stripes blackpassion777 blue_feathers blue_fur blue_markings blue_skin boots breasts brown_hair brown_skin claws clothing coat ear_piercing feathered_wings feathers featureless_breasts featureless_crotch feline female footwear front_view fur grey_hair group hair halter_top hi_res humanoid_hands loincloth long_fur male mammal markings mystfell navel nude pants piercing poncho simple_background skirt standing stripes tail_feathers tail_tuft tuft tunic white_background white_feathers white_fur white_hair white_skin wings yellow_eyes

▼ Description

Hellion are the name of the species that inhabits Mystfell; Mystians. This is a lineup of some possibilities for customization of a player avatar. The "nudie" ones are to showoff markings, they will be forced to wear at least something lol

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