This post was deleted by Chaser. Reason: Does not meet quality standards
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Plz accept this one im tired doing tags for deletion

this is now on devianart i forgot to put the URL in there

I don't know if I'll regret putting my neck out like this.

I'm not claiming to know anything about you, the artist. What I do know is that sites like FA and DA accept artwork like this because they don't have baseline requirements for quality. e621 on the other hand does hold the works submitted to it certain standards. I don't know precisely what those standards are, but I have personally submitted works that were deleted because they did not meet expectations.

I won't be the one to flag this piece for deletion, but I think that, just like my past deleted works, this also does not meet e621's standards.

A word of advice: keep at it. If you keep working on your drawing skills I have no doubt you will get better and one day succeed. And as you move forward, always remember, failure is one of the best teachers.