e926 apple_bloom_(mlp) ball baseball_(ball) baseball_(sport) baseball_cap baseball_uniform big_macintosh_(mlp) blue_feathers brother clothing cub cutie_mark earth_pony equine feathered_wings feathers female feral friendship_is_magic group hat holding_ball horn horse madmax male mammal my_little_pony playing_baseball pony princess_luna_(mlp) sibling sister sport uniform winged_unicorn wings young

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Cutest couple ever. <3

Be nice with her, Maccy. She's dear to so many of us. There'll be no shortage of people willing to rip you a new one if you hurt her.


Based off the fanfiction: "Progress"

what a awesome story, Luna vs. Baseball.

yeah Luna is not good at baseball ^^ UNLIKE ME


Oh Lord the Cute

Princess_Luna said:
Based off the fanfiction: "Progress"

I thought it's Luna VS Baseball .-.


*Gasp* Your Majesty, put your glasses back on, quick! Everypony will see you!

Applebloom said:
yeah Luna is not good at baseball ^^ UNLIKE ME

Eeeyup, now be a good girl and go practice some more Apple Bloom

I found it funny how luna got hit by ... like 20 baseballs o.o

I've heard of people dying bc of that ... those pussies

I support Lunatosh!