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e926 <3 ambiguous_gender animal_humanoid animated_skeleton armor avian avian_humanoid bird bone clothing crown dagger dress elephant english_text female gats helmet human humanoid knight locket mammal melee_weapon princess puffin royalty skeleton skeleton_princess stats sword text towergirls undead veil weapon

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A kingdom both new and ancient, raised from the depths of time by the Mad Necromancer. Sunk by ancient betrayal and terrible hate, they seek to reclaim what should have been theirs in life, though one member of it's aristocracy has no interest in such terrible things.

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wait what, their eggs for fishes?

6 days ago
anthro barefoot blush boss_monster caprine chibi clothing crown cute english_text fangs female fur goat goat_princess horn mammal smile solo style_parody text toriel towergirls undertale unknown_artist video_games white_fur

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Date: November 09, 2014

Varker said:
wait what, their eggs for fishes?

They're really good fish.