e926 2017 anthro armwear blue_background blue_eyes blue_hair canine clothing cosplay detached_sleeves feline female fox furball furball_(character) hair hand_on_hip hatsune_miku headphones heterochromia hybrid legwear long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal necktie open_mouth pigtails portrait shirt simple_background skirt solo thigh_highs three-quarter_portrait vocaloid yellow_eyes

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From the artist:

"D..does this fit? ..it doesn't work, does it?"

I'm a giant nerd, I know. x3 I do play around with hair a lot, and I noticed in one of the prior commissions I've posted that the standard Stocking hairstyle doesn't quite fit my kittysune form. It doesn't quite play nice with the shorter ears. Since I want to draw more of her this coming year I had thought up hairstyles that would work with her, and this one jump out quite loudly. As you see, I like how it turned out quite well. We'll see how it looks when I start dabbling with the colours. :)

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This is full of soooo much yes :3