e926 2017 <3 <3_eyes anthro backpack beanie blush clothed clothing comic crossgender dialogue donatello_(tmnt) english_text eyeshadow female freckles group hair hair_over_eye hairclip hat headband human inkyfrog leonardo_(tmnt) lipstick makeup male mammal mascara michelangelo_(tmnt) partially_colored raphael_(tmnt) reptile scalie shell simple_background speech_bubble sweat sweatdrop tears teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles text turtle white_background

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GARNETSHELL: Can you imagine someone at school teasing Raph for being on her period in front of Leo?

Something like, “What the hell is wrong with you? On your period? Hahaha!”

Raph tears up while Donnie and Mikey just have to swallow it. They are whispering to Raph that she shouldn’t pay any mind to that jerk but Leo activates into protective-big-brother mode. Him going “oooooh hell no! You did not just put my sister down for being a woman!!!”

I went overboard again.

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overboard? This is perfect.