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"Manor Defenses"
When you have a great big house on a hill, security is always a concern.

Sketch of 1006th page of TwoKinds.

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Caption: Meanwhile



Roselyn: Yes? May I help you?

Templar 1: You! Servant Keidran, open this door! We have orders from Master Templar Seer Brahn.

Templar 2: The wolf terrorist you are holding is to be moved to the tower, where it can be closer guarded.

Roselyn: I’m sorry. Your timing is… conveniently unfortunate.

Roselyn: Master Trace is not available right now. I’m afraid you will not be able to enter the manor without his permission.

Templar 1: Did you not hear us?! We are under orders from Brahn! We will not be denied entry by a filthy beast! And don’t think we can’t tell you’re also a wolf! Trace’s pet or not, technically, you’re illegal too! We could take you as well.

Templar 2: And we shall, if you don’t take us to—


Roselyn: You misunderstood me just now. You cannot enter the manor without permission. Physically.

Roselyn: It’s built into the stone. I’m giving you fair warn—

Templar 1: We’ll just see about—


Roselyn: Sigh… They never listen. Thanks, Nora.

Roselyn: Well, better check the fields and see what’s become of them. I hope it’s hens this time. We could use the eggs.

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I like old-Trace.


If video games have taught me anything it's to always listen to what the old people have to say.


"I don't make the rules, I don't even enforce them, it is merely my duty to inform you of them."


Cluck Cluck.

Off to the cornfield with those lot then.