e926 2017 anthro baseball_cap bat_wings blue_eyes dialogue dragon english_text facial_hair flinters flinters_(character) goatee green_eyes hat kangaroo mammal marsupial membranous_wings mustelid open_mouth otter red_scales scales space squic_(character) text wings

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From the artist:

Wow! This is my 4000th submission on FA. FOUR THOUSAND SUBMISSIONS. Just let that sink in a bit. That is the same as drawing and submitting a picture every day for eleven years! Now I didn't take that long, but I have been here a long time and it does build up over time. Geez, four thousand images. It's kind of hard to imagine.

What will I draw for image 5000? How long will it take to get there?

In other news, the subject of this image is my good friend and art minion, brooklynx brooklynx is moving from California to Washington State, which has become some what of a refuge for furry folks of late it seems. It's a popular destination. He'll be living in a spare room at my place as he sets out on his grand adventure of finding an apartment, new job, and future. It's a scary risk to leave you home state and job to start anew, and I am giving him a big ol' thumbs up for his courage.

Good luck, Brooklyn!


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oh look its film making 101, yes you can only have two of them, not all three.