e926 2016 4_fingers alien antennae beanie black_claws black_hair brown_eyes brown_nose canada canada_day canadian_flag chamille cheek_tuft chest_tuft claws clothed clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_antennae disney duo ears_down experiment_(species) eyelashes eyes_closed fan_character female flag freckles fur green_background grey_fur hair hand_on_shoulder happy hat head_tuft hi_res holiday_message holidays lilo_and_stitch looking_aside looking_at_another male notched_ear nude open_mouth open_smile periwinkle_fur purple_nose purple_tongue shirt simple_background smile solosandwich t-shirt tuft waist_grab walker_(solosandwich)

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Happy four months belated Canada Day to our neighbours to the north! (And hope you had a great 150th anniversary!)