e926 2016 4:3 <3 alien beanie black_and_white chamille cheek_tuft chest_tuft d:< digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) disney ears_down english_text experiment_(species) experiment_627 eyelashes eyes_closed facial_piercing fan_character grin group hair half-closed_eyes hat head_tuft hi_res lilo_and_stitch line_art monochrome notched_ear open_mouth piercing rib_(ribera) simple_background smaller_version_at_source smile solosandwich text tuft walker_(solosandwich) white_background

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Yup, June 27th is 627 day. and for that, I drew this. Experiment 627 with two of my fan character Chamille and Walker along with a friend's character Rib. c:
I still laugh whenever I look at Walker in this picture.. he looks SO offended hahaha. ( the one in the hat. )

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