e926 2017 3_toes 4_arms 4_fingers :| alien antennae ark_(solosandwich) beanie black_claws black_eyes blue_eyes blue_hair bottomless brown_eyes chamille cheek_tuft chest_tuft claws clothed clothing comparison dawn_(solosandwich) digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_antennae dipstick_tail disney ear_piercing experiment_(species) eyelashes facial_piercing fan_character female front_view fur grey_fur grey_nose group hair hat head_tuft hi_res hooves horn inner_ear_fluff lilo_and_stitch male maple_(solosandwich) markings model_sheet multi_arm multi_limb multicolored_hair multicolored_tail notched_ear nova_(solosandwich) orange_fur periwinkle_fur piercing purple_nose red_hair shirt sketch smile socks_(marking) solosandwich standing t-shirt tan_fur toes tuft two_tone_hair walker_(solosandwich)

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Decided to make all my OCs on a sheet together! Showing their size comparisons! From left to right~

Nameless - He is the child of Dawn and Rib and he still does not have a power assigned ( Rib belongs to my boyfriend Ribera <3 )

Maple -her power ( unless i can think of something better ) Is a form of mind control, making characters fall in love with her, and want to do anything for her :love:

Dawn - her power is telekinesis, she can move things with her mind and create force field bubbles!

Chamille ' Cammi ' - her power is to control temperatures and create ice! she can also turn invisible and blend into her surroundings like a chameleon

Nova - She is the daughter of Rib and Cammi, she was originally a joke character, created to be a persona for my friend Patchi-Dog ( I have no idea what her power is haha )

Walker - he is a shape shifter

Ark - an alternate form of Walker before he was converted to good. ' Walker's ' form is his true form. they may be the same experiment but their personalities are completely different.

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