e926 2017 akiric anthro black_fur black_hair black_nose blue_eyes brown_hair canine caprine disney duo_focus female fox fur gideon_grey grey_fur group hair hug male mammal monochrome orange_fur outside pink_nose sharla_(zootopia) sheep slightly_pudgy smile standing waving white_fur wool zootopia

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I love his expression.

Anpu42 said:
I love his expression.

Trying to smile while very uncomfortable AND knowing that sharp teeth might make things even more akward?

Something something BLACK SHEEP something something.


Wait, They're both white sheep...and she's black sheep

5 days ago

Guess who's coming to dinner? I'd guess Sharla cause Gideon's gonna be eating her every night.


FOXxBunny69 said:
Wait, They're both white sheep...and she's black sheep

Yeah, black sheep have a recessive gene, so it's possible both her parents are white.

I hope he's bringing some pie.

Who started this ship anyway?

moximoore said:
Who started this ship anyway?

This has been around for some time, "ship" wise.

Working on a multi chapter story involving these two plus some other "Zoo" characters in an AU world.