e926 2012 ambiguous_gender anthro anthrofied black_fur black_nose blue_fur blush digital_media_(artwork) eeveelution fur grin gun haru_totetsu nintendo nude on_hind_legs pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémorph pvt._keron ranged_weapon simple_background smile solo standing umbreon video_games weapon white_fur

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So this is my first time uploading an artist work, so sorry if I make any mistakes. This is an old one of Keron's but I love it.

The original image is no longer available online so i thought I might as well upload it here and let others see more of his work. Since as of me uploading this, it looks like art might have to take a backseat in his life for some time.

My more selfish reason for uploading this is because I can't find who the character belongs to and I'm hoping one of the many lovely users of e621 will be able to find them on their own internet travels. I'd love to see how the character has developed over time and such.

Found them, thank you everyone.

I bought the design so this is my character now. Yay.

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E926 works as well.