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*AwsW - Sunset, track plays in the packground*
"just a few steps further..."
"not quiet,almost there"
"here maybe?"
"There, that should do it. i dont want the tree behind you to be in the way of your wings. speaking of wich, can you spread your wings a bit more for me?"
"like this?"
"a bit more, like you just landed"
"fine now?"
"yeah, that looks nice, now lean your head a bit forward. perfect"
"what do you reckon, how long will it take?"
"not long, i,ll draw a sketch at first, then go from there, without having you to stay in that position.
i would,ve portraited you lying in my Garden, but meh, too many people might watch, and i dont like people watching me at my work, also i like the Foresty setting as it fits your nature."
"almost done, ... there, how does this look like?"
i point my sketch at her as she leans down to see the details.
"lets see, pritty nice sketch, my hindlegs look a bit too chubby for my taste."
"well, now that you say that, you might be right, well i think i just like chubby women, dont i."
"do you think i am chubby?"
"i wasnt saying that, but in case you are, then thats exactly how i like you"
"oh you, flatterer, you"
"thats exactly me, alright ^^
anyway, is there anything that you want to tell the viewers when seeing it?"
"what do you mean?"
"i might add like a speech bubble so i can add some text to it, so is there anyting in particular you want to say?"
"well, if you ask me like that, tell them that i appreciate the love and support, and thet they should thank you for portraying me, they should already know my name by now suppose."
"suppose so too, alright then, lets get back home, shall we?"
"ok, up you go."
i take a jump onto her left forearm and climb myway further up onto her back before she gently stands up and readies for a jump followed by strong wingflaps to gain more altitude.

Hey guys, Saphirafunker here (changed my name to be more harmless), back with something different this time.
i,ve decided i,d create something TRULY made by myself.
but keep in mind guys, that im still a novice in all that, im just testing the limits of my talent. ^^

A proportionaly correct of my best Life-encounter that si Saphira.
i,d also like to add that she is indeed smiling, you might not see it at first, but trust me, she is making a much happier face than normal.

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Hello again my freind and great work

hey man, good to see you.
and thank you im glad you like it.
it took a week but its done now ^^

I love Saphira! 😍

my last post has been deleted fsr, it said Reason: Trace which i dont know what it means. but thats fine ^^
i,ve got enough creativity for more to come :D