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This raccoon is on the money.


Everyone is shit
Your shit
I'm shit
The whole world is shit
And your thinking to yourself "yes everyone is shit here but me" then your a triple stacked shit sandwich with extra shit Mr. Shitface

- Ben 'Yahtzee' Crowshaw


Ah, a raccoon after my own heart. It's almost more sobering to be a nihilist. I'll tell stories about women, and people say, "You're hard on women." I'm like, "I'm not gay. If I were gay I'd probably be bitching about men." I'm tired of people not willing to understand that to judge your own actions you don't just get believe what you think. Discipline is remembering your thoughts and actions, and judging yourself accordingly. By the way, I am hard on women. Just sayin'.


i mean hes not wrong


Misogyny, racism, homophoby, anti-semitism,...
That's just little games.

Misanthropy is the best. Everyone is shit and equal.