e926 2017 absurd_res anthro beach beverage beverage_can buckteeth canine clothing dipstick_ears dipstick_tail disney duo eye_contact fanartiguess female fire fox gloves_(marking) green_eyes hi_res holding_object judy_hopps lagomorph long_ears looking_back male mammal markings multicolored_tail nick_wilde one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth open_smile purple_eyes purple_fire rabbit seaside shorts signature sitting smile socks_(marking) soda surfboard swimsuit teeth tent towel url zootopia

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Beach Camping
How irresponsible were parent’s in the 80′s to let their kids go off camping on a secluded beach all alone?!

Another TT submission! This time it was Camping/Wilderness! I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Originally was gonna be a sunset thing but worked out pretty well as a night thing! Two versions with my regular pink/blue motif and a more realistic colored fire.

Also still not satisfied with my fire but it’s a lot better than the alternative!

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What Feline? There are no Felines in this!