e926 2017 :t anthro armband clothed clothing cloud crossed_arms dragon exercise eyelashes female flora_fauna flower footwear goodra green_eyes group hat headphones hi_res hose human humanoid jealous male mammal midriff music musical_note nintendo open_mouth outside plant pokémon pokémon_(species) purple_skin roselia running shoes shorts shoutingisfun singing sky slightly_chubby smile speech_bubble sweat thick_thighs tree video_games water workout

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The patreon thing is going really good. Thank you to all the folks who throws coins my way, and thank you to anyone who just likes my stuff! I’m working like crazy on a newer, bigger comic, but I have more nibs, so the panic is over for now. Looks like I just have to use them up - what a shame!
Better stuff soon I hope!

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The look of ambition in that goo's eyes.

Dude, you may want to watch where you're pointing that hose...