e926 2017 :3 anthro averyshadydolphin breasts chibi clothed clothing cute dragon duo english_text excited eyebrows eyewear female front_view hair happy jou monochrome open_mouth plushie simple_background smile terrajou text thick_thighs white_background wide_hips

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Do they squeak when you squeeze them?


ROTHY said:
Do they squeak when you squeeze them?

You will find that out after she finishes showing you the stuffed animals.


I would love to see the animals of plush.


terrajou is getting a LOT of love from avery.

I'll show you a stuffed animal.

That would be cool. Why not look at someones plush collection if they offer? Some plushies are quite amazingly done and adorable.

If the plushies are as cute as you, hell yeah!

I would buy that plushie off RIGHT NOW