e926 2014 alligator anthro bare_shoulders barefoot black_eyes boar breasts brown_fur chest_wraps cleavage clothed clothing crocodilian cute_fangs digital_media_(artwork) dress female flat_chested flower flower_in_hair folding_fan fur green_eyes green_skin group hair hair_bow hair_over_eye hair_ribbon hairclip hand_fan hand_on_hip holding_object japanese_clothing kimono mammal midriff mt multicolored_skin open_mouth plant porcine red_fur red_panda reptile ribbons ringed_tail robe scalie signature simple_background skirt standing tail_tuft tan_markings teeth tongue tuft tusks two_tone_skin white_background white_fur wraps

▼ Description

aminal designs take two by MT

From the artist:

I like the gator

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