e926 2017 4_fingers aliasing animated anthro arm_support arm_tuft big_nose biped black_nose bubble canine claws clothed clothing ears_back english_text eyewear fangs front_view fur half-closed_eyes half-length_portrait hawtcherry holding_glasses holding_object humanoid_hands inner_ear_fluff leaning leaning_back looking_at_viewer loop male mammal mane_hair mascot monochrome muscular muscular_male naked_hat old_spice partially_submerged portrait reclining red_and_white signature simple_background sitting smile soap solo squeezing suggestive sunglasses text topless tuft water white_background wolf wolfthorn_(old_spice)


School isn't cool, but skipping it isn't either. It's just... Not that bad.


You may wanna go back to your 'skool'.


with your company is impossible to be bad.