e926 2012 5_fingers anthro biped blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_pants blue_topwear border brown_border brown_fur brown_hair brown_nose bushes car clothed clothing day detailed_background duo eyewear feline front_view fully_clothed fur glasses hair hands_in_pockets head_tuft hoodie jacob_(stripes) lion long_hair looking_away male mammal marker_(artwork) mouse noha outside pants pink_nose rodent shirt signature sky standing story story_in_description sunglasses sweater tobias_(stripes) traditional_media_(artwork) tree vehicle white_bottomwear white_clothing white_fur white_pants yellow_eyes

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Tobias was leaning against the car’s warm hood, gently kicking his foot back and forth, taking advantage of the shade the tall lion jock standing next to him cast. Him and Jacob had been waiting for roughly 10 minutes for their dorm mates to show up. The five of them had planned having a taco night, then going to watch a movie. It was the Friday of a 3-day weekend, and all of them were working hard enough to celebrate a little bit. They didn’t hang out that much outside of the dorm, so they thought it could be nice. So far, only the lion and mouse had arrived, hailing from the same algebra class.

Jacob checked his watch, before slipping his loose shades back up his leonine muzzle. “What do you think they’re doing?” The white-furred mouse shrugged, his eyes moving from Jacob to right before him. “Xavier has swimming practice until 5, and Malcolm usually goes to pick him up after. So… Xavier just out of the pool, worked up, in a speedo, with Malcolm in the locker room… yeahhh, I’m pretty sure they’re having sex. All secretly and stuff.” The lion growled a little laugh. The horse and orca were less and less subtle about their relationship. They were still entertaining the thought of keeping their love affair a secret, but they didn’t really fool anyone anymore. Pretty much everyone who knew them on campus had serious doubts.

“What about Spazz?” Jacob asked, already knowing the answer but liking when Tobias used his little analytical tone. The mouse pointed his nose up, seeming pensive for a few seconds. “He’s Spazz. He’s having sex too.” It was a fairly certain bet that the twinkish red lizard sex fiend was fucking at any point in time. Jocks mostly, but other twinks, adults, even teachers weren’t safe from him. Jacob felt his pants tightening a little as he thought about that amazing, tight red-scaled ass. Spazz was a brat, but no one could get the lion off like him, not even Tobias. Unbeknownst to him, the mouse was having similar thoughts on his side.

The two stayed silent, looking at the horizon for a little while, before the nerdy mouse looked up at the muscled great cat, question marks in his eyes. “Hey Jacob… Why aren’t WE having sex right now?” Jacob blinked, pondering the question. He looked down at his watch again, then around the mostly deserted campus, before grinning at his shorter boyfriend, jingling his keys and unlocking the car door. “Hop in, baby, we’re going to my place.” The mouse grinned back, his paw giving the lion’s hip a squeeze. “We can try this again tomorrow… it’s a big week-end after all.”

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