e926 2017 4_toes 5_fingers angel anthro aura barefoot black_nose black_sclera border canine cel_shading claws clothed clothing cross demon digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade dual_wielding father_warren front_view fur gloves glowing glowing_eyes grey_fur gun handgun holding_object holding_weapon inner_ear_fluff jackal ketrol_art looking_at_viewer magic male mammal markings pants pistol priest ranged_weapon reverend revolver robe sash simple_background smoke socks_(marking) solo standing toes weapon white_fur

▼ Description

Reverend Warren is considered to be the most powerful wielder of mothers light as well as the most effective demon slayer in Arcadia. With his demon eyes allowing him to see corrupt hearts through any surface and his adept skill in building light constructs into any shape he desires, to say that Reverend Warren is a force to be reckoned with would be a gross understatement.

- - - -

Testing out a new art style I've been eager to try for some time, this might be the new norm now if all goes well.

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