He definitely just said "I'm going to kill you next time"...
What was that unidentified creature just now...
What? Okay!
Sorry that I scared you before, Lila-chan.
Where is this interesting creature!?
Huh, where?
Woah! What the heck is that unidentified creature!?
You told me that forty times in the last hour.
But remember that I won't forgive you if you mess with Lila!
No prob, no prob! If you every need to, just drop in whenever!
Anyway, thanks for letting me stay...the week.
Gotcha! Come back sometime!
Alright, it's almost time for the train.
e926 better_version_at_source canine clothing comic female fur hair hair_over_eye human japanese_text kemono lila_(kashiwagi_aki) mammal revoli text translated yakantuzura zinovy

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Found this on yakantuzura old tweets.It seems to be the short story before Revoli left Zinovy's house.
Tweets written:おとうとかえる

おとうとかえる = the younger brother goes home

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