e926 4_fingers avian beak black_feathers brown_eyes butt claws drawing feathered_wings feathers feral grey_beak gryphon paws pencil_(artwork) pencil_(object) simple_background sketch solo tomatocoup traditional_media_(artwork) white_feathers wings

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That must be a very awkward position to draw in.

6 months ago
black_lips black_nose canine english_text feral fluffy fox fur inner_ear_fluff male mammal open_mouth orange_fur simple_background solo teeth text thanshuhai tongue white_background white_fur

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User: Millcore
Date: October 07, 2016

Having a tail drawer is the staple of any great artist.


"not a mimic."

yes it is.


Millcore said:
Having a tail drawer is the staple of any great artist.

now lets see...

  • Frustration claw marks.
  • having a merror nailed to the table.
  • A cup of non-artificial stimulant.
  • Wing pockets.
  • Stack of pony butts. (for those extra long nights)
  • A place to pin your lucky feather.
  • And a dedicated drawer just for unnecessary appendages.

Now that is the sine of a dedicated artist.