e926 16:10 5_fingers alien animated_skeleton blue_background bone breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cartoon_network clothed clothing duo_focus eyes_closed facepalm female freckles fusion gem group hair humanoid jolliapplegirl lying male multi_arm multi_limb not_furry on_front on_side one_eye_closed open_mouth papyrus_(undertale) pearl_(steven_universe) sans_(undertale) simple_background skeleton smile star steven_universe tan_hair teeth undead undertale video_games wink

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So when I watched Earthlings and witnessed the birth of Smokey Quartz, I thought she's be just another Fusion. But during the fight, I noticed her habit of making puns, which reminded me a certain hoodie wearing skeleton. Hence them bonding over their use of puns to both ease tension and hide their insecurities. Meanwhile, their respective guardians look on in horror as the two exchange the punniest puns to ever be spoke.

Note: My exact words at the moment of realization was "holy shit, Smokey is Sans!"

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The fandoms strike again.


Kys plZ

that actually makes sense just give Smokey a hoodie lol.

"y'know, I would've given ya a hand, but it seems like you got it covered"