e926 5_fingers <3 alien ambiguous_gender android black_hair cartoon_network clothed clothing duo eyewear female gem hair holding_object humanoid jolliapplegirl larger_female machine mettaton microphone multi_arm multi_eye multi_limb not_furry open_mouth pink_eyes ribbons robot sardonyx_(steven_universe) simple_background size_difference star steven_universe sunglasses teeth tongue undertale video_games yellow_background

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So after watching 'Know Your Fusion', I thought that something about Sardonyx seemed familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. It was only when I looked through some Youtube comments that I realized who she reminded me of. Mettaton from Undertale. Now, I don't know if this similarity was on purpose or just a coincidence but I felt compelled to draw the two of them sharing a stage. While I'm unsure if they would get along but I wanted to see it.

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i can actually see them getting along to be honest they do share alot in common.