e926 2017 absurd_res blue_hair blush captainpudgemuffin cute duo equine eyebrows eyelashes feathered_wings feathers female feral friendship_is_magic hair hi_res horn hug mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony one_eye_closed pink_hair purple_eyes purple_hair simple_background sitting smile trixie_(mlp) twilight_sparkle_(mlp) two_tone_hair unicorn white_background winged_unicorn wings


I want cuddle it too!

Lewd things are ganna happen.

Dragon3076 said:
Lewd things are ganna happen.

Yup lewd cuddles, my favorite

All she has to do is reach more to the right :3

NSFW version pl0x <0.0>

I love the expression on trxie face