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▼ Description

Ambrose is a older bird who was betrayed by the Talons for going against his contract but still considers himself a Talon member. Despite him clearly telling others about this, he is considered a 'former' Talon member purely because he is contracted to Peppermint Swirl, leader of the "Formers". Despite his advanced age, he is better shot than most younger Griffins and prefers sniping since it allows him to be as patient and slow as he wishes.

Olive is a 'young' Alicorn with a very ditsy personality. She is very easily distracted and tends to wander around a lot. She is also quite prone to accidents, since whenever she happens to push someone, something just barely misses them. She says its because her tail got 'twitchy' but no one believes her. She is rarely called upon by the goddess since her mind wanders.

Despite how different they are, the two get along great. Olive thinks Ambrose is a bit cranky but thinks its kind of cute, though he hates when she calls him that. Ambrose likes that she's good in a fight and knows how to be quiet when needed. They are often seen together, talking and laughing though Olive isn't as 'into' Ambrose as he is to her. She misses almost every hint he throws at her.

His companions often pity him when his flirtations going over her head.

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