e926 ambiguous_gender armor blonde_hair blue_eyes blush cutie_mark dialogue duo english_text equine eyebrows eyes_closed facial_scar fan_character feral feral_on_feral fur glowing green_fur green_hair hair horn horse jolliapplegirl male male/ambiguous mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony orange_hair pony purple_fur red_hair scar simple_background slit_throat smile starbeam teeth text tongue undead unicorn white_background yellow_eyes zombie

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Two more Fallout Equestria ocs of mine. The bigger one is Slit throat, a 'former' Raider leader and the smaller one is Starbeam, a gender fluid glowing ghoul who is stuck in the body of a foal. And before you ask, yes they are romantically involved. Seeing as Starbeam is over 200 years old, its not too weird. Sure, its a ghoul and a raider but meh. I'm not picky.

Besides, this is cute.

Stars glows much brighter when embarrassed than when they're angry, so slit's in trouble now.


To those wondering how Star is gender fluid, its less about flowing from male to female and more along the lines that due to years of isolation, they have forgotten their true gender. As such, Star replies to any pronoun. Slit calls them 'him' cause he prefers stallions to mares though he is 'equal opportunity'.

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Meh, a little Rad-X, and some Radaway and he'll be fine.

I feel inclined to say "It's not a zombie, it's a ghoul" but I shall refrain from doing so.